North Hainault Allotment Holders Association & Protection Society Ltd

Welcome to the website of the North Hainault Allotment Holders Association (NHAHA)!

NHAHA is a small association, setup in 1923 to manage the allotment sites leased from Redbridge Council in the North Hainault Area.

We have very long waiting
lists for both sites!

Hainault and Barkingside are fortunate enough to have three allotment sites. NHAHA leases and manages the New North Road and Tomswood Hill sites and the third, Forest Farm, is managed directly by Redbridge Council. Both Tomswood Hill and New North Road are Statutory Allotments.

The role of the NHAHA is to manage the sites on behalf of its members and it looks after the communal aspects such as rules, rent collection, insurance, water supply, security, maintenance of communal areas, and the trading huts. There is a central committee with the traditional roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, plus representatives from both sites.

Each site is managed by its own team of volunteers, who deal with day to day maintenance and then report back on any wider issues for advice and agreement. There are some differences in how each site chooses to manage this, but we work together as one Association, sharing equipment and ideas as needed.

If you live in Redbridge and are over the age of 18 you can apply to rent an allotment from one of our sites.